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Bed Buying Guide

Bed Buying Guide From Lewis Furniture & Beds

If your bed or mattress is more than 10 years old, you wake up with aches and pains, are not sleeping well, or your mattress shows signs of wear and tear, it's time to buy a new one. There are many beds, frames and mattresses to choose from and since there's no such thing as the perfect mattress for everyone, we all like different things, it pays to come and visit Lewis Furniture & Beds in Staines, Surrey to find the one that feels right for you.

There are many varied points to consider when buying a mattress or bed, some more obvious than others:


1. Get The Biggest You Can

When shopping for a bed and mattress, getting the biggest you can will mean more space to move around, less disturbance by your partner, and a better night's sleep overall. A Double bed is 4’ 6” (135cm) wide by 6’3” (190cm) long which is probably the smallest size suitable for two adults to share every night. A Kingsize bed at 5’0” (150cm) wide or a Superking bed at a luxurious 6ft (180cm) wide, is a better option provided your room can take it. A Kingsize or Superking bed is also 3” longer (6’6”) than the standard 4’6” bed. These are the mattress sizes just remember if you want a bed frame it will be bigger, so measure your room to make sure the furniture will fit and you have space to move around.


2. Soft, Medium Or Hard?

Mattresses come in various supports, basically firm, medium and soft. Some of us like the sensation of sinking into a bed; others don't. People who like to sleep on their backs may prefer a firmer mattress option than those who sleep on their sides. The ideal is to achieve good 'posture' in bed - the mattress should mould to the shape of your body while remaining supportive. Too soft and your body will slouch; too firm a mattress and you'll feel pressure on your hips and shoulders. At Lewis Furniture & Beds we believe it is very important to lay on a mattress before you buy it so would be happier if you visited one of our stores in Staines, Middlesex or Walton-on-Thames, Surrey to choose the right one for you. However you can buy via our website if you prefer.  


3. Mattress Type?

In summary, there is a wide choice of mattress types but these can be broken down into the following broad types:

Open spring coil or Bonnell Spring mattresses are constructed in a traditional way with long large loops of steel. These represent fantastic value for money and come in a range of different comfort levels, from orthopaedic through to soft;

Pocket sprung mattresses have many individual springs held within their own pockets. Each spring works independently to support and cradle along your body as needed. We recommend at least 1000 springs (counted in the 5ft mattress – industry standard) to provide the real benefits of supporting each area of your body. Pocket spring mattresses also prevent ‘roll together’ when there are two people in the bed by offering personal support. When your partner rolls over you can carry on sleeping peacefully. These tend to be a more substantial construction and will last for many years;

Memory foam mattresses use a technology that was originally developed by NASA and has subsequently been used in hospitals and care homes to avoid bed sores for bed bound people. Their popularity has now spread out into the main stream bed market, with the most popular version offering a memory foam layer on top of pocket springs. Basically the memory foam works with the warmth of your body to mould to your body shape as you sleep which tends to reduce tossing and turning therefore aiding a more restful night’s sleep (just be aware these can make you hotter during the night); 

Latex mattresses contain no springs and offer firm support and comfort for a restful night's sleep. Unlike memory foam, they do not retain your body shape and resist compression. Be aware some foam mattresses are very firm, Lewis Furniture & Beds feel we have found a superior product offering a medium-firm support without being like a brick – come and try it!

Lewis Furniture & Beds believe you should always try a mattress before you buy it and suggest you come and visit us in one of our stores in either Staines, Middlesex or Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. Then we can then help you choose the right one for you. However, if you prefer to buy via our website you can.


4. How Much Should I Spend?

At Lewis Furniture we offer a wide range of beds to suit most budgets. Tempting as it is to look at the overall appearance of the bed, it is the mattress that will give you a good nights sleep so if your budget is limited try to choose the best mattress you can and save on the base. Pocket Sprung mattresses contain much more steel and are therefore generally more expensive than Open Coil Mattresses. Memory Foam and all natural layering tend to be more expensive than polyester/poly cotton mixes. As a general rule, you get what you pay for, but a bargain bed is no bargain if you don't sleep well in it.


5. How Can I Tell If I'll Like It?

Take your time. Lay on several mattresses for at least 5 minutes each, you will very quickly become the expert on what you like. Take off your outdoor clothing (when did you last sleep in your coat), and lie on it in different sleeping positions. If it's the right mattress for you, you should be able to turn comfortably and it should respond to your shape and support you. If the bed is for two, ideally you should shop together, otherwise there's a chance that only one of you will be comfortable with the choice - and besides, beds feel different when there are two of you in it. If your weights differ quite considerably, you may need two, quite different single mattresses, zipped together. As a general rule of thumb, the heavier you are, the firmer the tension you will need.


6. Divan Base or Bed Frame?

A bed frame is the best way to make a big impression style-wise, and they're available in every design you can think up, from classic brass to polished wood, sumptuous upholstered styles, and contemporary metal. They usually have slatted bases, some are sprung offering a more forgiving support than a fixed slat base. Bed frames all require home assembly, usually a fairly straight forward case of bolting the frame and centre rail together and fixing the slats on top. Note: Antique and continental bed frames are often non-standard sizes, at Lewis Furniture & Beds we can offer special size mattresses to fit these.

A divan base doesn't take up as much space as a bed frame and these days you can get some great fabric choices as well as the traditional ones that match the mattress then you can dress it up with an impressive headboard. Divan Bases can offer storage drawers tucked into the base - make sure there's room either side to open them, without bumping into bedside cabinets.

Alternatively, if space is a premium, consider an ottoman base which lifts up to reveal a large amount of storage inside.


But don't take our word for it. Who better to offer unbiased advice than the Sleep Council:


You can also download a bed buying guide from the Sleep Council to help you in choosing a bed.



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