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Memory & Reflex Foam Mattresses

Memory foam (or Visco-elastic memory foam) on a mattress has millions of tiny holes which let air escape as the mattress foam moulds around your body. This action is activated by pressure and body heat, and results in a foam mattress that retains it's shape for a while after the pressure is removed hence 'memory' foam and offers total independent support without pressure points. Memory foam itself has the consistency of custard so all memory foam mattresses are formed by using it as a top layer of 5-7cm on a high density foam base (the quality of which can vary considerably).

The design of mattresses has moved on and while this is still one way of using the benefits of memory foam it has become increasingly popular to use memory foam as the top layer on a pocket sprung base. This gives the best of both worlds with the contouring support from the pocket springs and then the pressure point relief of the memory foam itself.

Another popular type of foam mattress is Reflex foam, this shares the same initial feel of memory foam but does not have the same pressure reliving properties. It springs back into shape immediately the pressure is removed because it is constructed in a different way with larger bubbles which do not allow air to escape but displace it. The advantage of reflex foam is that it is a much cheaper material while offering some of the popular similarities.

Visit us in store at Staines, Middlesex or Walton-on-Thames, Surrey for a wide choice of great value memory and foam mattresses. Please note the selection of mattresses shown on our website may differ from the selection in store.

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